I thank you all, my team of directors, management, engineers and workers for standing with me and wholeheartedly supporting me in over crossing gone days of difficulties. You in Ananda Shipyard have indeed proved your determination, strength and agility. Ananda Shipyard has been the best and always will stand out as the best.

We are accustomed to hard work and coming days will demand even harder work from all of us. Dedication, discipline and diligence will take us to new heights of glories. We have made Bangladesh known in the world as a ship building nation. From now on our aim will be to make Bangladesh the leader of all ship building nations.

Quality of our works will brighten our goodwill. Our newly acquired experience of building military vessel oil tanker, 16″ to 26″ cutter suction dredgers and high powered tugs along with our learning in recession have made us stronger to shine in days to come. Inshallah we shall remain ever growing.

Mrs Afruja Bari, B A ( Hons.) M A.
Managing Director.