txt_businessh3 businessDt01 businessDd01 Business with partners on win-win basis is our principle.
We respect dignity and diversity of individuals. We compete fairly, complying laws and business ethics We accounting is transparent.

We are secular and do not intervene in politics. We draw a strict line between public and private affairs in all business activities? We protect and respect the intellectual property of companies and others.

  businessDd02We create and live in a healthy organizational atmosphere. We attach top priority to customers’ satisfaction in our business activities. We focus on shareholders’ value. We endeavor to improve our employees’ quality of life. We adopt environmental friendly management practices.
We create a healthy organizational atmosphere
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We value customer satisfaction the top priority in our business activitiesWe focus on shareholder valueWe actively perform our duties as a corporate citizen. We respect and enrich our custom, culture, and society. We strive to prosper together.
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We engage in environmentally friendly management practices We value human health and safety
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We actively perform our duties as a corporate citizen We respect the characteristics of local custom, culture, and society, and strive to prosper together with local communitiesWe prevent accident we comply to international safety regulations and standards.

We do our utmost always to improve our standard and quality, make constant exertions for innovation, and to lead the global shipbuilding industry.

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We strive to prevent accidents by complying with safety regulations, be punctual, eliminate defects, and avoid malfunction.We do our utmost with all sincerity at every moment, make constant exertions for innovation, and lead the global shipbuilding industry.