Ananda shipyard & Slipways Ltd., the first exporter and forerunner in ship exports from Bangladesh is one of the waste hit yards by recession in the world. It has sustained the extreme inflicted difficulties and been emerging with fresh full vigor. I am confident it will stand out holding the light up for Bangladesh shipbuilding in the world again soon.
Ananda Shipyard has introduced modern shipbuilding in Bangladesh, contributed in the fast growth of the sector by tendering skilled manpower to upcoming shipyards and opened up the door of export of ships. With 30 years of experience of quality shipbuilding of various types, modern facilities and highly trained skilled work force it is a national asset and soliciting supports of all concern on its way of further growth and expansion . Directors and the team of management, I wish good luck and believe, will keep up their courage, unity, integrity and enthusiasm in their every day endeavor towards emancipation of this prestigious institution as they have done in the past days of crises. The high quality of the yard’s works must be maintained and further elevated. Medals, certificates and honor will be bestowed on them in the days to come. I wish the yard a golden future.

I wish the yard a golden future.

Dr Abdullahel Bari, C Eng, FIEB, FRINA.